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Catesby, a berlin-based producer with origins in Chicago brings us his debut-release, which after nearly 10 years of producing gives us an insight into the variety of sounds, dubstep can have. Grab your copy on Beatport

It's here! The incredible Shu made it possible for us to bring u another high quality dubstep ep, called "QUANTENSPRUNG". Dont miss it, grab your copy on beatport and give a little respect to the shu...

Nilow released his first 7-track EP called "Colours of Dubstep", including the winner of the remix-contest, Pistol Shrimp, and tunes reaching from deep and melodic over breakish tunes to some long awaitened dancefloor smashers.

We released the third "Sofa Session" in April, and this one is a whole berlin-thing so we only have tunes from people living in the most beautiful and most quickly evolving city on earth on it. Check the download, turn up the volume and have a chilled evening!

The "Evolution EP" by Brainpain is out! You'll find some not expected tunes from this multitalent of music-production in here as well as nothing less than Brainpain the badass as you know and love him! Check the snippets on soundcloud or get it on Beatport.


"The Urchin of Menace EP" by Catesby


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"Quantensprung EP" by Shu


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