[BFDS007] "The Urchin of Menace EP" by Catesby

  1. Poltergeist
  2. Little Stalker Girl feat. Tommy Globetrotter
  3. Love You..Still
  4. Cowbell
  5. Close
BFDS006 cover

[BFDS006] "Quantensprung EP" by Shu

  1. Quantensrung
  2. Elephant
  3. String Theory
  4. Dippin
BFDS006 cover

[BFDS005] "Colours of Dubstep EP" by Nilow

  1. In Ari
  2. I Love To Hate You (feat. Sanna Hartfield)
  3. Overdose
  4. Opossum
  5. Gender Proof
  6. Give You
  7. Chinese Dreams (Pistol Shrimp RMX)
BFDS005 cover

[BFDS004] "Samba Groove EP" by Cavalaska

  1. Samba Groove (feat. Dom Lampa)
  2. Bass Line (feat. Dom Lampa & Arcanjo Ras)
  3. Subcon
  4. Ex Abrupto
  5. Samba Groove (Instrumental)
  6. Bass Line (Instrumental)
BFDS004 cover

[BFDS003] "I'm A Dubstep Monsta EP" by Nilow

  1. Chinese Dreams
  2. Get Ready
  3. Rock'n'Roll Of Filth
  4. Teren Specialny (feat. PaniKa)
  5. Chinese Dreams (Unsub Remix)
BFDS003 cover

[BFDS002] "Dirty Mind EP" by Oddboy

  1. Dirty Mind
  2. Walk Anywhere
  3. Boppin'
  4. Moan Moan Moan
BFDS002 cover

[BFDS001] "Warcry EP" by Shem & Nilow

  1. Shem - Warcry
  2. Nilow - Fat Tummy
BFDS001 cover


"The Urchin of Menace EP" by Catesby


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"Quantensprung EP" by Shu


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